The Ultimate Guide to Boost WordPress Speed & Performance .

Do you wish to speed up your WordPress site? quick loading pages improve user expertise, increase your pageviews, and facilitate along with your WordPress SEO. during this article, we are going to share the most helpful WordPress speed improvement tips to boost WordPress performance and speed up your web site.

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How to Check Your WordPress Website Speed?

Often beginners assume that their web site is OK simply because it doesn’t feel slow on their laptop. That’s a large mistake.

Since you regularly visit your own web site, trendy browsers like Chrome store your web site within the cache and mechanically prefetch it as presently as you begin writing an address. This makes your web site load almost instantly.

However, a traditional user who is visiting your web site for the first time might not have constant expertise.

In fact, users totally different|in several|in numerous} geographical locations can have a totally different expertise.

This is why we tend to suggest that you just take a look at your web site speed using a tool like IsItWP’s WordPress speed take a look at.

Speeding Up WordPress in Easy Steps (No Coding)

1 Install a WordPress Caching Plugin

2Optimize Images for Speed

WordPress Performance Optimization Best Practices.

1 Keep Your WordPress Site Updated

2 Optimize Background Processes

3 Use Excerpts on Homepage and Archives

4 Split Comments into Pages

5 Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

6 Don’t Upload Audio/Video Files Directly to WordPress

7 Use a Theme Optimized For Speed

8 Use Faster Plugins

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