What is the ALT Attribute?

An ALT attribute is that the “alternative” text version of a picture that’s displayed on a web site once a picture isn’t out there or once a person needs the text various.

<img src="book.gif" alt="opened leather journal" />

Alt attributes benefit three primary groups:

1 visually impaired guests
2 search engines
3 marketers

Visually Impaired guests

Alt attributes give visually impaired user with pictures. this enables user to use programs that read text to understand what picture content.

For instance, visually impaired user are at a disadvantage once browsing a web site that use pictures for navigation, since they don’t have the simplest way of knowing the most classes of the web site. But, if pictures have ALT attributes, there’s the simplest way to work out the aim of those pictures.

Search Engines

The ALT attribute helps search engines to choose a topic of a picture in order that they understand once to find a picture in relevant search results. This makes pictures with ALT attributes a lot to be found.


It is a best apply to use ALT attributes with relevant pictures, since ALT attributes square measure a lot of seemingly to rank higher in search results. Google Image search gets overrun one billion page views each day. Optimizing your pictures might bring you a bigger slice of traffic.

More eyeballs on your pictures will increase whole awareness if your pictures showcase your brand. in addition the upper your pictures rank in image search, the a lot of user can click through image results and visit your pages. So, optimizing pictures may end up in higher traffic to your web site.

A Short Technical Guide

The ALT attribute is employed inside the image tag inside markup language.

HTML could be a data formatting language. Its primary role is to clarify to programs like Chrome the way to prepare style components like pictures and text on a webpage. markup language is formed from completely different tags that specify what should to be displayed and how.

If you would like to see what markup language appears like, edit a post in WordPress and click on the Text tab to indicate the markup language version of a diary post. One common markup language tag you’ll seemingly see is that the image tag. it’s like this:

<img ... />

The ALT attribute specifically is that the text various of a picture. generally ALT attribute explane what a picture is. Here is Associate in example of a picture tag using the ALT attribute.

Alt Text

People incorrectly use the terms “alt attribute” and “alt text” interchangeably. ALT text is that the value of the ALT attribute specifies. Smily face is that the ALT specified within the ALT attribute alt=”Smily face”.


The term “alt tag” is inaccurate usage and a melding of 2 separate terms. The ALT attribute could be a form of attribute used inside the image tag. Technically, “alt tags” don’t exist even though they are used to commonly refer to alt attributes and/or alt text.

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